Panicking about money in your business?
Freaked out about next month?
It’s time to end that.
Let’s get to the bottom of your relationship with money.

You’re too smart to allow this to go on.
Stop letting money get in the way of what you want.

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What The Money Mindset Course Students Are Saying
Alyson Garrido

I just finished the Money Mindset Course. I’m so grateful to Sarah for creating this program. I took a few weeks to go through the course and It was very impactful for me, particularly identifying the limiting beliefs. They’re so hard to find without help and the worksheet blew me away. The exercises were challenging, but having the videos made me feel like Sarah was cheering me along the whole way. I was raving about it to my husband last night and I’m going to have him do it as well so we’re speaking the same language. Thank you thank you, Sarah! This really did shift my thinking about money. 

Alyson Garrido
Career Coach

As a self-starter, I’ve taken a number of courses around money management. The tag that sets Sarah’s work apart is that it focuses less on “how” and more on “why”. By applying myself I had several a-ha moments that have made a big difference in my bottom line. My biggest challenge now is keeping up with all the new sales leads that are coming in!

Andrea Goulet
CEO and Co-Founder of Corgibytes, LLC

I’ve learned so much from Sarah’s course. I’ve raised my prices, I work with more confidence and I was able to really work through being nervous about pricing my services appropriately, while still remaining accessible. I’ve learned that I only want to work with clients that are ready for what I have to offer, at the price I know is right. I loved this work.

Neepa Sikdar
Founder and Owner, Accessible Style

After taking the course I was able to proactively negotiate a new schedule with my office. I thought through the company culture, all parties involved and came up with a plan that would help me while serving everyone else at the same time. I partnered up with one of my colleagues on the proposal and the company came back quickly with a strong yes! I’m more excited about this than I expected to be. Thank you Sarah!

Rita Cheng
Business Consultant and Owner of Heart & Art Cottage